WP Tavern Covers Pro Plugin Directory Launch

Jeff Chandler did a great job at explaining what Pro Plugin Directory is all about in an article on WP Tavern. I answered a few questions for him and he shared some of his own thoughts. The comments have also been helpful. In particular, I am convinced more than I am not that requiring a 100% GPL-compatible license is beneficial to the directory and ultimately the buyers of these plugins. Here’s a link to the article…

WP Tavern: Steven Gliebe Launches WordPress Commercial Plugin Directory

Launching Pro Plugin Directory

WordPress is 12 years old and the official WordPress.org Plugin Directory has more than 30,000 plugins. They are all free. So, where do we go to find paid plugins? After more than a decade of WordPress, there are quite a few. And some really good ones at that.

Millions of dollars are transacted on commercial WordPress themes every year. Everybody knows themes have been a money maker for a lot of people. I’m fortunate to make a living selling themes myself. Now it is commercial plugins that are on the rise. Isn’t it interesting that big theme shops like WooThemes and iThemes are investing so much in commercial plugins? They’re theme shops… that have found plugins to be very profitable.

My point is that commercial plugins are a big deal but there is no central place to locate them. I usually search WordPress.org and find something free that meets my needs. But sometimes I don’t — and I’m willing to pay for a plugin that will do the trick. If you’re like me, there are times when you actually prefer to pay because you know that there is a business behind that plugin you rely on and that help and updates will be available to you.

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