Geotargeting plugin is the perfect geolocation suite for WordPress sites such as affiliates or any site that needs to deliver content, products or ads to a specific audience.

The plugin is built over the Maxmind API and support free or premium databases along with Maxmind only query services.

It also compatible with Cloudflare geolocation and integrates with many plugins such as Popups or Advanced custom fields plugin.

It brings a powerful api that will let developers adjust to their needs and make any website geotargeted.

WP Timersys

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  1. No doubt this is the best geo targeting / content localization plugin for WordPress. While it’s super simple to use, there are plenty of features to customize the page content as you like. I especially like the feature for creating your own regions, which are custom picked groups of countries or cities that you can be easily use in any of the posts.

    Not the cheapest plugin but definitely worth it.

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  • Maxmind premium databases support
  • Maxmind Insight service support
  • Cloudflare geolocation support
  • Geotarget any widget
  • Geotarget content with shortcodes
  • Geotarget with php functions
  • Shortcodes generator
  • Powerful API for developers
  • Premium support