With the Google Analytics Premium plugin comes a feature called Custom Dimensions. This is a very powerful ‘tool’ within Google Analytics which will give you a lot of extra tracking power. Custom dimensions allows you to track pageviews per author, per category, per tag, per post type, for logged in users versus not logged in users and even per date of publication.

In case you’re also using WordPress SEO by Yoast, premium or free, Google Analytics Premium comes with SEO Score & Focus Keyword. SEO Score in Google Premium Analytics shows you your page’s SEO score (from our WordPress SEO plugin) and how that’s related to other criteria, like pageviews. Focus Keyword enables you to see the focus keyword you’ve used for a certain page or post in Google Analytics. This way, you can see which keywords are getting you the most traffic, for instance. So, both features will help you optimize your SEO!

Google Analytics Premium Plugin by Yoast comes with free technical support.


At Yoast, we help you optimize your website for SEO, conversion, and site speed, often using our WordPress plugins. Apart from our plugins, we also offer eBooks to help you optimize your website yourself. And if you need more specific help from us, you can have us do a Website Review. We make…


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