Handsome Testimonials was created from the ground up to give WordPress users the power to design beautiful testimonials on their website with total ease and simplicity. We looked around and were highly frustrated with how unnecessarily complex testimonial plugins were - they were convoluted, their settings pages were all over the place, and it wasn’t easy to simply design a good looking testimonial.

With Handsome Testimonials, we wanted to enable a user to create a beautiful testimonial with no customization at all. Period. With the default testimonial already looking good, one can dive deeper and continue to make their testimonials look better and better with a vast array of customizations.

Finally, with our Pro version, we allow for key features such as the ability to automatically rotate between testimonials, the ability to list testimonials by category, and the ability to have clients submit testimonials through a submission form and rate rate your service with a 1 - 5 star rating. So far, people love Handsome Testimonials and rave to us all the time about how easy and fun it is to use in their sites. We think you’ll love it too!

- Rotate Between Testimonials
- List Testimonials in Custom Order
- List or Rotate by Specific Category
- Star Ratings
- Testimonial Submission Form to Collect Testimonials from Customers
- Super Responsive Email Support and Setup Help
- Easy Testimonial Shortcode Creator
- Free Beautiful Testimonial Designs
- Easy testimonial generator with live preview
- Use testimonial shortcodes in widgets
- Change color of title, subtitle, body text of testimonials
- Change background color of testimonials
- Change font size of testimonial text
- Change image size and alignment of testimonials
- Add a border to your testimonials
- Add a shadow to a testimonial image
- Choose round or square testimonial image
- Choose rounded corners for blocks of testimonials
- Specify width of testimonials
- Align your testimonials left, right, or center

Handsome Apps

We are a passionate but small plugin development team working to delight Wordpress users with easy to use and powerful plugins.


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