If you’re selling a product or service online, being swamped with customer queries can be an overwhelming experience, not to mention the customers that don’t want the hassle of going through support just to get an answer to a query. You could hire a dedicated customer service team, but that’s costly and time consuming.

Heroic Knowledge Base plugin for WordPress is the answer. It adds a knowledge base to your existing WordPress powered site. Create and edit knowledge base articles, categories and tags. It features instant article search, article feedback, analytics, content organisation tools, article attachments, knowledge base widgets and more.

With self-service support powered by Heroic Knowledge Base, visitors can help themselves anytime day or night, leading to happier customers and less support to manage. Developed by the authors of the #1 WordPress knowledge base themes – KnowHow and HelpGuru, the best features are now available in a standalone plugin, with support for any WordPress theme.

All our plugins are backed by Heroic support, with set-up guides and tutorials, one-to-one email support and the HeroThemes money back guarantee.


HeroThemes are the experts in WordPress Knowledge Base themes and plugins, with over 15,000 customers and counting.


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  • Add and Edit Articles
  • Use with existing WordPress theme
  • Article Categories and Tags
  • Instant Search
  • Content Organisation and Management
  • Article Ratings and Feedback
  • Heroic support
  • One-to-one email support
  • Powerful Templating System