malCure Malware Removal & Firewall is the most precise malware scanner for your WordPress website. It scans your WordPress files and database for malware, malicious code, infections, viruses, trojans, backdoors, malicious javascript redirects, dolohen, cryptomining malware, code injections, security-threats and other vulnerabilities.

The plugin detects the infection and outputs the exact content match as well as file matches. It makes it extremely easy for users to clean-up hacked website. Regularly updated malware definitions and signatures enables it to detect even the most challenging malware, infections that other security plugins miss.

malCure advanced edition is truly robust. It comes with full WP CLI integration. It adds a command-line interface for WordPress so that you can scan your WordPress website even without using a web browser. It makes it super easy to scan humongous sites and broken WordPress installs. It also comes with a built-in web application firewall which identifies and blocks malicious traffic. You also get premium plugin support with advanced edition. Start your free trial today!

malCure Web Security

malCure offers holistic website security solutions including WordPress malware removal plugin. Our products are used by thousands of website owners every month to scan and detect their websites for malware and other security issues. Our passion is to secure the sites and keep the bad guys out.

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  • Regularly updated malware signatures
  • Detects malware that others miss
  • Full integration with WP CLI
  • Custom definitions and patterns
  • Scan humongous sites without pain
  • Auto-Update definitions
  • Complete website scan (database as well as files)
  • Skip / Scan specific files and directories
  • Exact content match
  • Exact file match
  • Lists potential, loosely-suspicious matches too
  • Auto-sync with WordPress Checksum API
  • Ultra-high-precision results
  • Built-in Firewall