Meta Box Conditional Logic is an add-on for Meta Box plugin which helps you to control the visibility of custom fields, custom meta boxes or even any HTML elements in the editing page of WordPress.

Using this add-on, you can show/hide a custom field based on the value of another custom field. There are various conditions for you to choose from: equal, greater, start with, contains, etc. You can use this add-on not only for custom fields registered by Meta Box plugin, but also default WordPress meta boxes or any HTML elements.

The add-on can be used in the combination with other Meta Box extensions like Meta Box Builder, Meta Box Columns, etc.

Meta Box

Meta Box provides an all-in-one solution to create and manage custom meta boxes and custom fields in WordPress. It can be integrated with themes and plugins and extended with add-ons.

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  1. I use it for all of my projects. This is extremely useful and I’d like to recommended it.

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  • Control visibility of any meta box, any field, any DOM element
  • Lots of operators such as =, >=,
  • Clean and easy-to-understand syntax
  • Compatible with other Meta Box extensions