Optimus is a lossless image compression plugin for WordPress. The plugin compresses not only the original image like other services out there but all the preview images in WordPress (thumbnails).

Instead of altering the image this plugin takes a unique approach by removing unnecessary metadata from JPEG or PNG files. Depending on the structure and size of the initial images, reductions of up to 70% are possible – while maintaining the same quality. Even images exported with the “Save to Web” feature in Photoshop can still be reduced.

The biggest advantages of Optimus are:

- No limit on the number of images that can be compressed
- Reduction of file sizes with no changes in image quality (lossless compression)
- Compatible with WordPress Multisite and WooCommerce
- Increased PageSpeed score thanks to reduced file sizes
- For SEO & readers: improved page loading times
- HTTPS connection
- Compression of JPEG (Progressive) and PNGs
- Conversion to WebP

Data Privacy Policy: No images are stored on the Optimus servers, they are immediately deleted upon compression. Every connection uses SSL encryption.


Optimus is a Swiss optimization service which targets a lossless compression of media uploaded to WordPress — while focusing on protecting your data.


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  • Automatic optimization of images
  • Optimize JPEGs and PNGs
  • WebP Conversion
  • Unlimited amount of images
  • HTTPS connection
  • Progressive JPEGs
  • Developer API