Using this plugin you can work in your WooCommerce store with almost all Spanish banks like: Santander, BBVA, La Caixa, ING, etc. using the new security method based on SHA-256 (the only one valid from 23th November 2015).

The plugin incorporates a configuration form. You will only need to fill some data provided by the bank. This form is self-validated so this is easier than others and there will be no errors.

This gateway also is able to mark the order as completed or processing, as you like, choosing how it should work, we can choose between:
* Leave always processing
* Leave always compleated
* Mark the order as completed only if all products in the order can be downloaded
* Mark the order as completed only if all products in the order are virtual
* And the last option, mark the order as completed if all the products in the order are virtual or downloadable

In order to configure the plugin you will only have to do the next:
1) Install the plugin
2) Activate it
3) In WooCommerce, Settings, Checkout, RedSys
4) We fill the data
5) The plugin will be working


We are a WordPress company specializad in themes customizing and plugins development. We have been selling own premium WordPress plugins since last November and we are very happy doing this. We are going to release more plugins and all this will be focused in Spanish spearkers.


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  • Compatible with the last version of RedSys (the one which use the SHA-256 hash)
  • Automatically the gateway is able to mark the order as processing or completed, after the payment, depend what you have chosen
  • Certified by WPML team
  • Compatible with WPML and PolyLang
  • Available in Spanish, English and Catalan
  • Easy configuration