• SearchWP made Pro Plugin Directory's search more relevant

    This is used here on Pro Plugin Directory. SearchWP does word stemming, so if you search for “backups” it also matches “backup”, which will keep some plugins from dropping out of non-exact searches.

    It also makes it possible for the features list that plugin makers list in the sidebar to be considered in search results. This content is stored in a custom field and custom fields are not considered by the default WordPress search.

    It’s an all around great plugin, took only about 5 minutes to configure for a somewhat complex site like this. For sites without custom post types, taxonomies or custom fields, it’s fine tuned out of the box with zero config.

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  • Easy Way To Make WordPress Search Not Suck & More

    Out of the box, SearchWP makes the WordPress search do what you really want it to do. But that’s just the start. When you change the weighting of different sources, and set up supplemental search engines, that’s where you see the power of this plugin.

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    1. Let me kickstart the reviews here :)

      We all know default WordPress search is not that great, right? Well this is where SearchWP helps. I needed a better search for my project so I was looking for plugins that were powerful and tweakable, and this plugin is just that.

      What I loved the most is its ease of use for developers, you can easily create a custom search and combine it with WP_Query to get just the results you need, awesome!

    2. The vanilla WordPress search functionality is very lacking. SearchWP integrates seamlessly and turbocharges search results in a customizable way.

      SearchWP will rank search results based on relevance, rather than WordPress’ default date based results.

      The “Supplemental Search” functionality is extremely useful, allowing site owners to set up multiple search fields that search different sections of the website with different result parameters.

      If your WordPress website uses search functionality, your site needs this WordPress plugin.

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    • Integration with your theme
    • Search EVERYTHING
    • Customize weights per post type
    • Index ecommerce product details
    • Index PDF content
    • Automatic Updates
    • Keyword Stemming
    • Live AJAX search extension
    • Unlimited search engines
    • Extensible (many extensions available)
    • Developer friendly (many hooks)
    • Search statistics
    • Index Shortcode-generated content
    • Interact with the indexer
    • Many integration extensions