Enable Facebook Instant Articles easily on your site with WP Native Articles.

Instant Articles is Facebook’s new content format for viewing articles in their mobile app. They’re a stripped-down, pre-loaded, super fast version of your regular articles that load up to 10% quicker, have 20% more reads and 70% fewer abandonments.

WP Native Articles has an advanced content parser built in that will convert your regular WordPress articles into Instant Articles and then sync them to Facebook instantly via the API. You can then view stats for your article directly in the WordPress admin, broken down by date range and device. You’ll also get aggregated stats for all your Instant Articles, again, broken down by date range and device.

A powerful options manager allows default values to be set at a global level for everything from analytics to ads to the font size of the caption title. Options can then be overridden on a post by post basis should you wish. Set all posts to be converted to Instant Articles or selectively publish individual ones as you like.

If you share posts on Facebook then WP Native Articles is THE plugin for setting up Instant Articles and supercharging your content.


A small plugin shop specialising in free and premium plugins for WordPress. Makers of WP Native Articles.


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  • - Use the API sync to put IA versions of your normal WordPress posts live instantly
  • - RSS feed method also available
  • - View Article analytics live in WordPress broken down by date range and device
  • - View aggregated analytics for all your Instant Articles, also broken down by device and date
  • - Import errors displayed in the WordPress admin
  • - Selective publish individual articles
  • - Options can be set globally then overridden on a per post basis
  • - Ad support
  • - Automatic updates
  • - Extreme support
  • - 30 Day no hassle refund