WPPayForm is a reliable payment plugin for WordPress users, enabling you to perform any payment related task where users can use Stripe & PayPal. The plugin is a freemium plugin that allows multiple payment gateways; the free version will enable you to use Stripe payment, and the paid version will allow you to use PayPal and Stripe payment gateway.

One of the essential aspects of WPPayForm is its user-friendly interface with the ease of use. Any novice users can efficiently operate the plugin in the first hand. The user-centric plugin allows you to use and Stripe and PayPal for dealing with the payment on your website. You can export various entry submission using the plugin and set up email notification as well.

There are a number of advanced features and functionalities of WPPayForm plugin. You will get 12 different input fields that are used to include various functionalities on your payment forms. All these input fields are drag and droppable that needs only a single click to implement into your payment form. Using input fields, you can upload different files like images, audio, pdf, docs, zip, and CSV.

Each form created by WPPayForm is dynamic in type, and you can set a confirmation message that will display when any form will be submitted. Custom currency feature will allow you to customize the currency manually. You can define currency locally or globally. You can design form layout in different ways, and form layout can be changed accordingly. Label alignment, asterisk positioning, and even submit button position can be placed according to your preferences.

Using WPPayForm you can implement the scheduling and restriction feature on your payment form. Moreover, you also can use the custom CSS and custom JS feature in to make a change in the frontend feature and functionalities of your payment form. In managing submitted entries, WPPayForm provides you the most convenient way to deal with the entires. You can see all the submitted entries in an organized manner staying from a single page. Moreover, if you want to see any particular submission only, you can see that single submission entry separately.

WPPayForm is a cost-effective payment plugin for WordPress users. The cost of the Pro version of WPPayForm starts from $59/year, which is for a single site license. You can get the agency license by only spending $99/year, which allows you to use the up to 20 websites. There is an unlimited license which costs $299/year.

Try WPPayForm for serving your WordPress payment related issues. You will get an extremely dedicated support team with extensive documentation facility.

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  • 1. Fast Payment Processing
  • 2. Multiple Payment Gateways
  • 3. Stripe & PayPal Supported
  • 4.Mobile Responsive Payment
  • 5.Custom Currency Feature
  • 6. Credit Card Usage
  • 7. Easy Entry Management
  • 8. Data Export-Import
  • 9. Single Submission Supported
  • 10. Form Confirmation Settings
  • 11. Drag & Drop Facility
  • 12. 10+ Input Fields
  • 13. Setting up Email Notification
  • 14. Custom CSS/JS
  • 15. Form Scheduling & Restriction