BackupBuddy is the best way to back up (and move) a WordPress site. BackupBuddy handles both database and complete backups of your WordPress site (including the database, media library, theme files, plugins and everything else in your WordPress installation).

Easily set up automated backup schedules and send your backups safely offsite to BackupBuddy Stash, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace Cloud, FTP or email.

BackupBuddy also allows you to easily restore your site if something goes wrong. You can even restore individual files without having to replace everything together.

BackupBuddy makes it easy to move a WordPress site from one domain or host to another. With BackupBuddy’s deployment feature, you can push or pull changes between two WordPress sites in just a few clicks.


Since 2008, iThemes has been creating professional WordPress tools and training to help you build and grow your freelance web design business with WordPress.


  • The Only Backup Plugin I Trust

    So my title is a bit misleading…but seriously, I don’t need to trust another plugin because of how great BackupBuddy works. I use BackupBuddy on over 80 websites, but not just for backing up. The backup function of BackupBuddy is great, however, I’ve found BackupBuddy the best way to migrate websites as well. When I develop a site on my localhost of on a development server, it takes me less than 5 minutes to move that site and have it live.

    One of my favorite features is how easy it is to automate backups and send them to another server or into the cloud. My choice is to utilize the 1TB of space I have with Dropbox and upload all of my backups there…automatically.

    A few other things that standout about BackupBuddy that I appreciate are the site map directory, showing you how big your site is and where it is big, how frequently they rollout updates (shows they are constantly getting better), and how excellent their support is.

    If there were improvement to be made it would be in one area for me. Though they allow you exclude files and directories from the backup, they don’t have an option to exclude a file type. This would be a huge step forward in my opinion.

    Thanks iThemes for a great plugin, one that belongs in my top five for any website I build.

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