Better Analytics Pro extends the the “normal” Better Analytics plugin by adding a few advanced features. You can get additional metrics and dimension options for heat maps and charts (for example maybe you want to see what time of the day you are getting the most YouTube video views or advertising clicks). It allows tracking of advertising clicks for additional ad networks (like Google AdSense).

Better Analytics Pro allows for client-side issue monitoring of your site (monitor things like images not loading, JavaScript errors, embedded YouTube videos that were removed by the author, etc.)

Optional server-side tracking allows your server to feed data to Google Analytics on it’s end. This allows for tracking users who don’t allow their browser to report to Google Analytics (maybe they have an Analytics blocker installed). It also allows you to track search engine spiders if you wish.

This plugin extends the normal Google Analytics API functionality with a multi-threaded system that gives you faster reporting by doing backend reporting requests in parallel.

Digital Point

Digital Point is a software development company that has been around since 1996. Over the years we have built business management software, search engines, an advertising platform, SEO tools, plugins for vBulletin, MyBB, XenForo and WordPress.


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  • Custom Dimension Tracking
  • YouTube Video Engagement Tracking
  • Advertising Click Tracking
  • Heat Map Reporting
  • Historical Charts
  • Realtime & Historical Reporting
  • Email Tracking (Sent & Opened)
  • Site Issue Monitoring
  • Social Button Engagement Tracking
  • Server-Side Tracking Options