This Easy Digital Downloads extension adds a booking system to your WordPress site, transforming your Downloads into appointments, meetings, classes, consultancies or any other type of service, event or product that can be booked and payed for by your customers.

The extension provides an easy-to-use powerful interface for site administrators to create and configure their bookable resources, providing options for controlling the available dates and times, bookable duration (fixed or variable) and price according to the booked duration.

On your site, customers can choose their booking through an intuitive calendar date picker and (if applicable) a time picker. Upon purchase, the booked session is submitted and reserved for the customer, disabling the chosen dates and/or times for other customers. Booked sessions can then be viewed by administrators in a dedicated page in your WordPress admin, providing at-a-glance information about placed bookings and payments.

Jean Galea

We run several plugins as well as a blog about WordPress.


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  • Calendar builder for dates/times
  • Configurable booking duration
  • Variable prices
  • Calendar date picker
  • Bookings management
  • Full payment gateway compatibility