Event Espresso is the most powerful event calendar, and online event registration and ticketing plugin for WordPress.

Event Espresso works perfectly for classes, workshops, fundraisers, sporting events, trainings, conferences, networking, religious and church events, social events, non-profit events, WordCamp, Meetups, community events, government events, newspaper and publisher events, and nearly any other type of event.

Our online event calendar, registration and ticketing plugin can make your organization more profitable and efficient by:

- No per-ticket fees
- Save time
- Create a “green” and paperless event registration process
- Open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


- Collect payments with the most popular payment gateways (e.g. PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, WorldPay, etc.)
- Custom registration forms
- Custom registration emails
- Batch/Manual email newsletters
- Seating limits
- Multiple price ticket options
- Multiple event dates
- Multiple attendee registration in the same checkout
- Attendee management
- Support for multiple languages
- Authorize.net AIM payment gateway integration
- Mijireh payment gateway integration
- PayPal Standard payment gateway integration
- PayPal Pro payment gateway integration
- Check payment method
- Invoice payment method
- Electronic funds transfer payment method
- Customizable event designs
- Capability assignment options
- Private events
- Password-protected events
- Tax administration
- Venue mapping
- Ticketless events (no tickets required, just post to the calendar)
- In-app documentation
- Admin Pre-approval
- Event RSS Feeds
- Public and Private commenting
- Draft events
- Keyword Rich URLs
- Hundreds of hooks and filters
- Spam protection
- Data exports
- Event categorization
- Event tags
- Reports


- Events Calendar
- Printable Tickets
- Ticket Scanning
- Multiple Event Registration
- WordPress User Integration
- MailChimp Integration
- Infusionsoft Integration
- People/Staff/Organizations
- Social Sharing
- Stripe payment gateway integration
- Sage Pay payment gateway integration
- Ideal/Mollie payment gateway integration
- Authorize.net SIM payment gateway integration
- Grid Event Template
- Table view Event Template


“It is a very, very slick plugin. It’s one of those plugins where you install it, change a couple of settings, and boom you’re selling tickets.” ~ Brad Williams, WebDevStudios

“Your plugin rocks! Seriously, saved me hours on the phone setting up attendance manually. Kudos. :)” ~ William

“Event Espresso event management plugin for WordPress is really an awesome plugin.” ~ Cheryl Smithem

“Over the next 5-6 years we should be able to claim that we saved the company over $100,000 - Thanks Event Espresso!” ~ David Waterman

“I love the features! …Definitely the best plugin out there for this.” ~ Sales & Marketing Society of the Mid-South

“I played around with the free version for a couple hours then purchased the Pro for a client. Love it and so do they! Sweetest Event plugin I have tried.” ~ Bill Chambers

“Absolutely the best, both in product and service!!! Two thumbs up!” ~ Salene

“Congratulations on an absolutely fantastic plugin. I’m really impressed with its functionality and add on features and will definitely upgrade my client’s production site to the premium version (when ready for launch) to incorporate all the features. As I have told another client “this plugin is the cat’s meow”.” ~ Mete Mansel


You are wasting time and money if you’re doing online event registration and ticketing any other way. Your calendar of events can be so much better. We offer packages and prices to fit any budget, so get started with your own online event registration, event ticketing, and event calendar management system today.

Event Espresso

Event Espresso is the best event calendar and online registration and ticketing plugin for WordPress; pure caffeine for your events packaged into a plugin. - Trusted by thousands - Fully supported - Custom forms - Printable tickets and ticket scanning - And much more! Turn your existing…


  • Good support and feature-set, but maybe tries to do too much out-of-the-box

    I worked with Event Espresso for a client that had a few unique requirements for the ticketing checkout flow. The code follows Java-like MVC patterns, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your perspective.

    I found it a bit difficult to dive into and I often wished for a more flexible set of hooks. The markup and styling was often over-prescriptive, forcing me to write a lot of CSS code to overcome some default styling settings I wasn’t too happy with.

    That said, they’re moving pretty quickly with the 4.x code and are improving the extensibility. However, they’re also breaking backwards compatibility in a few places, which means the custom addon I built locked us into a particular version. It would take a heavy rewrite to update for the new version. So, there are pros and cons on that front.

    The feature set is extensive, in particular when configuring tickets. Multiple prices, limits per-price, availability dates per-price, etc. This complexity leads to a pretty bloated interface which can sometimes be overwhelming for clients. So, again, pros and cons.

    All in all, it seems like a platform designed for people who need to do a lot but don’t have great coding skills. It tries to do a lot out-of-the-box which can be great for users but throws up extra obstacles for developers who really want to customize the experience.

    I gave it 4-stars because the support is timely and helpful — both for customization needs and for user help — and because I think it serves its target market well.

    Also, there is definitely a good-faith effort here to build an extensible platform. It could just be that the checkout process — which I’m told was rewritten for an upcoming (maybe already released version) — still lacked the extensibility I needed at the time I needed it.

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    • Events Calendar
    • Collect Payments (Paypal, Stripe, etc.)
    • Custom Event Registration Forms
    • Multiple Ticket Options/Limits
    • Customizable Confirmation Emails
    • Multiple Dates and Times
    • Multiple Attendee Registration
    • Event Maps
    • Event Mobile Apps
    • Promotional Codes and Discounts
    • Check-in Attendance Lists
    • Wait Lists
    • Venue and Staff Management
    • Compatible with Most Themes
    • Event RSS Feeds