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Forty-Four is a WordPress 404 Plugin with modern page design and 404 to 301 redirects for each page not found visits for better broken link handling. It provides Super Lightweight page which is a huge advantage compares to other plugin since it’s not loading unnecessary themes and plugin scripts that slows down the page load. With complete and detailed 404 visit logs you can check where the visitor came from and what are they searching on the provided search form when they’ve found out that the page doesn’t exists anymore.

Personalise the page using the plugin option to match your site color scheme and even add a logo and modern responsive menu for easier user page navigation. You can also change the font by easily selecting the Google Fonts list and it will automatically be reflected on the custom 404 page. Add background image and/or select to the available layout to make your 404 page better.

Upgrade your WordPress 404 Page now and manage your 301 redirects better! Let Forty-Four handles the broken links so that you can focus on creating and selling your contents!


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  • Modern 404 Page
  • 404 to 301 SEO Redirects
  • Super Lightweight Custom 404 Page
  • Detailed Visit Logs
  • 404 Page Branding
  • Google Fonts Typography
  • User Searched Keyword Logs