With GD Swift Navigator you can add customizable navigation control that can contain one more buttons with actions assigned. It can be located in any page corner, with custom offsets from screen edge, responsive, easy to style and using font icons (FontAwesome by default).

You can assign actions to go to any URL, home page, scroll to the top of the page or open popup with custom HTML or menu defined through WordPress menus.


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  • Fully Responsive
  • Easy to configure
  • Easy to change colors and styles
  • Use font icons for buttons
  • Scroll down to trigger
  • Navigation control builder
  • 6 types of button actions
  • Action to show popup menu
  • Action to show custom HTML
  • Action to scroll to page top
  • Action to go to custom URL
  • Action to go to home page
  • Open / Close animation
  • Export / Import plugin settings