GD WebFonts Toolbox Pro plugin for WordPress, supports Google WebFonts (700+ fonts available), Adobe TypeKit Kits, Adobe Edge Web Fonts (500+ fonts available) and uploading of @fontface webfonts. Plugin supports auto update of fonts for Google Fonts, use of WebFonts Loader (for Google Fonts and Adobe TypeKit) for async loading of fonts. You can preview all available fonts with view for different weights and sizes, custom text.

Powerful style builder to style custom CSS selectors, standard CSS selectors, theme/plugin defined CSS selectors with support for all default WordPress themes. Style builder allows you to set font and various font properties, text properties, box properties, text shadows and box shadows. Shadows allow multiple shadows to be used for special effects, and plugin has list of already prepared shadows to choose from.

Plugin has integration for WordPress TinyMCE editor to add multiple drop down controls: for font sizes, selected web fonts and custom built styles. You can add any number of fonts into TinyMCE to use for direct text formating.


Developing premium plugins for WordPress since 2010.

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  • Google Fonts
  • Adobe TypeKit
  • Adobe Edge Web Fonts
  • Local @fontface Fonts
  • WebFont Loader support
  • Auto update Google Fonts list
  • Detailed fonts preview
  • TinyMCE Integration
  • Custom CSS selector style builder
  • Standardized cross browser font stacks
  • Style: Font selection
  • Style: Box/Text Properties
  • Style: Box/Text Shadows Properties
  • Style: Custom CSS
  • No coding needed