Girafi is an e-commerce plugin which will help you to convert your website visitors faster and get from them social media referrals, feedback, and their emails. All at once!

How does Girafi work?
Offer your website visitors promo codes, e-book, free shipping or other freebies in exchange for:
- social media referrals (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
- completing surveys
- subscribing to your newsletter
- watching video
- or all at once

Why our social media referrals are so effective?
- Girafi accepts only posts which are with Public visibility (message about your business will reach the wider audience)
- every single social media referral made by your customers is verified.

How to track the effectiveness of my Girafi campaigns?
In Girafi dashboard you can see:
- Who shared the post about your business
- How big was the traffic generated through shared post
- What people are typing above the link which they shared
- Numbers of impressions
- And much more!


Girafi is a e-commerce plugin that helps you get more word of mouth sales, feedbacks and subscribers. All at once.

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  • - Advanced analytics
  • - Social media referrals
  • - Feedback forms
  • - Lead capture
  • - Tracking referrals
  • - Easy to use
  • - Mailchimp integration
  • - Easy installation
  • - Fully customizable
  • - Great support