Speed up your website using Gonzales.

It’s a plugin that can help you to get rid of CSS and JS files which are not used. Usage of Gonzales is simple - open page you want to optimize and tick off CSS/JS from the top menu you don’t want to use. Once you refresh the page you will see instant results. This plugin can work globally also - you can define whether certain JS/CSS can be loaded/unloaded on particular page or on entire website.

Why? Because I bet you don’t use all of plugins on each page. Themes also add some own styles and scripts which you do not always want to use. Useless resources block website performance and make your customers pay more using mobile connections.

Gonzales is plugin which offer brand new way of WordPress optimizations. It works with W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache out of box. This plugin doesn’t need additional configuration - just activate to speed things up.

Tomasz Dobrzyński

Self-taught. WordPress plugins developer. Fan of speeding up websites and overall performance optimizations. Full time web developer.


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  • Cleans up HTML
  • Decreases server load
  • Makes WordPress faster
  • Makes WordPress lightweight
  • Improves PageSpeed and GTmetrix grades
  • W3 Total Cache compatible
  • W3 Super Cache compatible