Google Maps - Simple Pins PRO allows you to add Google Maps to your WordPress website in less than 5 minutes. Install our plugin, activate it and follow these few simple steps: Enter API key-Add Marker(s)-Add Marker(s) to Map-Insert into Page/Post/Sidebar-Ready. It will offer you lots of possibilities to customize your maps and markers, but also save you a lot of time and headache.

The PRO version allows you to choose one of 700 icons for your markers and additionally upload your own images that will be used as icons. It also allows you to edit your map and marker details any time, clone markers and maps, use maps in sidebars with a handy GMSP widget, export and import your data (e.g. for a backup or to transfer to another website) and more. We offer 1 year plugin updates with each purchase and add useful features with our updates. Additionally, you will get 1 year of support (or premium support if you buy 5-websites license).

We worked hard on our plugin to make sure that you will like it, but to make it even easier for you we offer 30 day money-back guarantee, so that you could try our plugin and return it if it doesn’t fit your needs.

Please check the Feature List to see what our Google Maps plugin provides.

Bunte Giraffe

Premium plugins for WordPress that will facilitate your workflow, save your time and keep headache away.


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  • Multiple maps and markers
  • Edit maps/markers anytime
  • Clone maps and markers
  • Custom icons for markers
  • Images, URLs in info-windows
  • Open info-window on load
  • Marker animation (drop)
  • Six map types
  • Autofit to all markers
  • Hide map controls
  • Disable scroll
  • Handy tinyMCE button
  • Handy GMSP widget
  • Export/import maps and markers
  • 1 year support + updates