Google Places Reviews Pro

Google Places Reviews Pro gives you the ability to list reviews on your website from your Business’ Google Plus Profile page. The widget works by allowing you to simply search — directly in the widget — for your Business profile. Once you’ve found it, select it and your widget is ready to show reviews! You can optionally choose from 7 different skins, filter by star count, truncate the reviews to a certain length, and more. The widget also has the advanced option of setting a cache length which reduces the amount of time your server has to make calls to the Google Places API, making your page load times quicker. The Pro widget also comes with a shortcode that allows you to place the widget anywhere on your site and set the maximum width with an attribute.

Google Places Reviews Pro is also part of our Business Reviews Bundle which includes Yelp Widget Pro, and Yellow Pages Reviews Pro. It is proven in many studies that prominently showing “social proof” like positive social reviews increases conversions and attracts more business. With this suite of tools, you can display a wide variety of reviews to show the strength of your brand on your WordPress website.


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  1. This is an excellent plugin! Besides the fact that it easily pulls in Google Place reviews with minimal setup, it is full of carefully thought out features and extras that I wasn’t expecting. I upgraded to Pro so I could use the shortcode…as a developer I’m used to “hacking” plugin styles, functionality etc. but everything I wanted to do, this plugin already did. Saved me a big chunk of time, and I know my client will appreciate that too ;)

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  • Easy Search tool and auto-population
  • Filter by Star count
  • Limit number of Reviews
  • 7 different skins to choose from
  • Optionally hide business information
  • Easy-to-use shortcode with attributes
  • Advanced Caching options to reduce server load and increase page speed.
  • Well documented
  • Priority Support on