KB Support is the ultimate WordPress plugin for providing support and helpdesk services to your customers.

We focus on simplicity and delivering what is actually needed to provide an efficient support system.

Enriched with features, you can be sure that right from activation, KB Support will provide the perfect HelpDesk solution for your agents to support your customers.

The built-in Knowledgebase allows customers to find solutions to their issues during the ticket submission process, reducing the overall number of support queries received by your helpdesk.

Key FREE Features of KB Support include:

- Easily manage and customize submission forms. No coding required, multiple forms can be created and utilized
- Guest submission is fully supported. Customers do not need an account to create or manage support tickets
- Sequential ticket numbers
- Email notifications keep customers, admins, and support agents up to date with recent ticket events
- Restricted access ensures that only agents and the assigned customer are able to view tickets and correspondence
- Unlimited ticket participants to ensure that all relevant parties can contribute towards a ticket on behalf of a customer
- A fully responsive and clean front end design where customers can manage their tickets, including viewing and creating replies
- Integrated Knowledge Base articles can be easily created and referenced to try and offer solutions without tickets being created
- Ability to restrict access to individual knowledge base articles to logged-in users only
- Auto-assign new tickets to agents based on current ticket count, or randomly
- Tracks an agents status so you can see if they are online or offline
- Ability to assign tickets to multiple agents
- Add agents to departments and have them assigned to departments
- A number of useful shortcodes to display submission forms, KB Article lists, ticket history, login/registration forms, profile editor, KB Article search form - and more
- Numerous template tags enable you to easily add ticket related content into email notifications
- Private ticket notes that are visible to agents only
- Restrict which tickets an agent can view. i.e. Just those to which they are assigned
- Group customers within a company
- Customers can access tickets created by other members of their company
- Uses templates that allow for easy customization of front end pages, shortcodes, and CSS styles
- Ajax based ticket submissions provide a powerful, reliable, and friendly interface for customers
- Built-in SPAM protection
- Customer portal enabling access to existing and historic tickets
- Truly versatile - A bunch of hooks and filters for our developer friends
- A growing number of [extensions](https://kb-support.com/extensions/) to provide even more functionality and customization options

Further enhance the features and functionality of KB Support with paid extensions including:

- Email Support - Management of tickets via email for agents and customers. Automation via email for agents.
- Easy Digital Downloads Integration - Integrate KB Support with your Easy Digital Downloads store providing a seamless support solution
- WooCommerce Integration - Integrate KB Support with your WooCommerce store providing a seamless support solution
- Knowledge Base Integrations - Fully integrate KB Support into your existing knowledge base solution
- Ratings & Satisfaction - Enables customers and visitors to provide feedback on their support experience as well as the quality of your KB articles
- Reply Approvals - Adds an approval process to ticket replies created by selected agents forcing a four-eyed approach to ticket replies
- Canned Replies - Instantly reply to tickets with a single click using pre-defined replies to questions you receive the most
- Custom Ticket Status - Define your own ticket statuses and enable email notifications when a ticket enters the status
- Email Signatures - Enables support workers to register a custom signature which can be auto inserted into email notifications sent to customers
- MailChimp Integration - Grow your subscriptions by enabling quick and seamless customer sign-ups to your MailChimp newsletter lists via KB Support

Easy Plugin Demo

Easy Plugin Demo seamlessly creates sandbox demo environments enabling you to showcase your plugins, themes and content to potential customers. Power up with our Premium Pack extension to enable creation of multiple demo configurations.


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