Lasso is a front-end editor and story builder plugin for WordPress that makes writing faster, simpler, and easier. Many people have developed a liking for Medium-esque writing experiences, where what you see is truly what your site will look like when you hit publish. We designed Lasso in such a way to provide that type of an experience-removing the friction created in the writing workflow, while making content creation fun and entirely visual, with our new, hyper-minimal editor. With draggable story components, via Aesop Story Engine, which include images, videos, maps, quotes, parallax, etc., we think Lasso will help you write visually appealing stories, more consistently.

Think about how many times you travel between the WordPress dashboard and a post when you’re writing the most amazing poem this earth will ever hear. You want to know everything looks good with the current theme you have set up, but you can only do this by previewing the post while you write. Let’s say you hit preview 15 times while writing, and you blog three days a week. Before you know it, you’ve lost 18 hours in a year. That’s 18 hours where you could have been drinking more coffee, riding your unicycle, or spending time with your favorite people.

What if you never had to lay eyes on the WordPress dashboard again when you are writing? Well, as you you might have guessed, that is where we are headed with Lasso. You can search for previous posts or pages, add categories and tags, set a featured image, create a new post, make ordered lists, and italicize your content, all from the front end of your site with Lasso. We engineered Lasso to work with most WordPress themes and their existing content, and invite you to check it out.


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  • Real-time Editing
  • Integrate Aesop Story Engine
  • WordPress Image Support
  • Post Thumbnail Support
  • 99.98% Theme Compatibility
  • Works with Posts/Pages
  • Add Categories and Tags
  • Developer Friendly
  • Multisite Compatible
  • Post Any Time