Do you want to add tooltips to your Gravity Forms in a simple and easy way? No coding is needed when you use Magic Tooltips For Gravity Forms. Many WordPress developers choose Magic Tooltips For Gravity Forms to add tooltips to their Gravity Form fields, not only because it’s really simple to use, but also because it comes with tons of useful features that make it the best choice.

Features include a style generator and the ability for you to easily use custom CSS, mobile view for phones and tablets, image tooltips, video tooltips, add tooltips to checkbox and radio button fields including adding tooltips to the checkbox and radio group options, display tooltips in a lightbox, custom icons, Font Awesome support and many more great features.

Choose from the Single Domain license ($19.95 annual subscription) or the Developer License ($39.95 annual subscription) to use on multiple domains/sites. If you develop WordPress websites for many clients, as most agencies do, you’ll probably want to go with the Developer License.

Magic Tooltips For Gravity Forms comes with a 7-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.


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  • Style generator
  • Custom CSS
  • Mobile view for phones and tablets
  • Links in tooltips
  • Image tooltips
  • Video tooltips
  • Checkbox tooltips
  • Checkbox option field tooltips
  • Radio button tooltips
  • Radio button option field tooltips
  • Display in lightbox
  • Custom icons
  • Font Awesome support
  • HTML filed tooltips
  • WordPress Multisite support