MB Term Meta is an extension for the Meta Box plugin which helps you to add custom fields to categories, tags or custom taxonomies simply by defining an array of fields’ parameters.

The plugin uses Term meta API added in WordPress 4.4 to add custom fields to terms. The custom fields of terms can be used to add featured image, custom icon, color, etc. to terms which can be used in the frontend to improve the design of the term page or posts in a specific category.

Using the Meta Box plugin, MB Term Meta supports as lots of field types and many options for fields such as text fields (text, number, email, slider, etc.), textarea, editor (WYSIWYG), file upload, image upload, taxonomy, user, post, etc.

Meta Box

Meta Box provides an all-in-one solution to create and manage custom meta boxes and custom fields in WordPress. It can be integrated with themes and plugins and extended with add-ons.

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  • Uses native term meta API of WordPress 4.4
  • Uses same syntax as Meta Box
  • Uses the same UI from WordPress
  • Lightweight
  • Supports lots of field types and field options