MultilingualPress extends your WordPress for publishing translated versions of your WordPress site. Switching between languages was never been easier and faster than other translation plugins. Just by hitting a link, or redirect your visitors automatically to their preferred website according to their browser language.

You have to consider a few things when you want to publish web content in multiple languages. In most cases there are technical aspects, however, you shouldn’t need to worry about, because MultilingualPress expands this missing core feature. WordPress should remain easy and intuitively usable, even if your content gets more complex.

Checkout the awesome features of MultilingualPress. It will not slow down your entire system such as other translation plugins.


The tuning shop at the entrance of the holodeck. What you purchase here is WordPress addons of the finest kind: plugins and themes built by experienced source code engineers according to current coding standards.

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  • Top-level Domains per Language
  • Translate All The Things
  • Add Language Links to WP Nav Menus
  • Language Manager
  • Future-proof, WordPress-Core-based Architecture
  • Inline Docs & Developer Support
  • Visual editor (advanced translator)
  • Automatic language redirection
  • Translate Custom Post Types
  • Quick Nav
  • Automatically Trash Translations
  • Duplicate Sites
  • Back-end Language
  • Dashboard Widget