My Chatbot Agency developed a platform to help you with your customer-relationship management.

Do you know that there is 70% of shopping cart abandonment in the fashion industry and up to 85% in travel websites?

The main reason for this is the lack of information on the website during the customer journey.

At My Chatbot Agency, we are convinced that you can easily provide this information and step up your business! With this in mind, we developed our tool allowing you to give automatic answers to your customers for the recurring questions and to chat directly with them for the specifics ones.

What is our tool?
First of all, we allow you to add a chat option to your website in just a few clicks. The only step you need to process this is to create an account on our platform. Once this step is done, you can start chatting with your customers.

Of course all websites are different and unique so we give you the possibility to customize the appearance of your widget, colour, logo, and the welcoming message! It will fit perfectly with your website.

Thus, since you cannot always be available to offer client support, we also added an automation feature. Program all the answers to the recurring questions you get, so you are sure your customers will have the information they need, and you will save time.

At My Chatbot Agency, we keep it as simple as possible. So, our automation tool work as WYWIWYA : What You Write Is What You Automate. No complex algorithm, no hours lost trying to build the right automation tree.

In a few minutes, your automation is set up!


My Chatbot Agency is a Free Live Chat and FAQbot plugin for WordPress. It offers unlimited chats for free and paid plan for automation. It integrates with your website in less than a minute. Get access to the platform where you choose the questions you want to automate and it is on ! Automation…

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  • Real Easy 2 clicks installation !
  • Customize the chat widget according to your graphical charter.
  • Solve your customers’ issues 24/7.
  • Increase your leads and keep track of your visitors.
  • Qualify your visitors.
  • Contact and/or respond to any customer who is visiting your site.
  • Get inform by email when a user is chatting with you.
  • Access all your past conversation in your dashboard.
  • Free plan live chat available
  • And a lot of more features to come.