The Most Powerful A/B Testing Solution for WordPress

Nelio A/B Testing is a service that will help you discover how to increase your conversion rate. Create alternative versions of your content in WordPress, including pages, posts, headlines, widgets, menus, themes, and let your visitors tell you which one is better.

Nelio A/B Testing also includes heatmaps and clickmaps, that help you understand what captures the attention of your customers. Discover where in your site they spend more time and what’s actually relevant for them, and make sure you’re not missing any opportunities.

We’ve summed up the 4 most important features of Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress:

1. Easy A/B Testing designed and crafted for WordPress

Nelio A/B Testing is a native solution for split testing WordPress sites. With this service, you won’t need to learn an external tool. Create, update, delete, and track the progress of your tests directly from within your Dashboard.

2. Advanced Conversion Actions and Progress of Your Experiments

With Nelio A/B Testing, you can track the relevant actions your visitors take. Finally, you’ll be able to use a simple, yet powerful tool. Focus on what matters and don’t get lost with tons of irrelevant options. Our plugin will offer you fresh information about the evolution of the experiment, with nice graphics about visitors and conversions.

3. Caching Plugins Support

Nelio’s also focused on efficiency. The process of split testing your WordPress site should not have a dramatic, negative impact on performance. Our service takes care of processing all the collected data in our cloud, lifting your server from unnecessary work load, and supports WordPress’ cache plugins to be lightning fast!

4. Outstanding Support

We care about our customers. If you ever have a problem or encounter a compatibility issue, or if you don’t know how to get things up and running, e-mail us and one of our agents will take care of your problems! You’ll never walk alone again.

Nelio Software

At Nelio, we help you optimize the conversion rate of your website, using our WordPress plugin. Nelio A/B Testing makes it easy to set up A/B tests or heatmap experiments, manage them, and monitor them within the WordPress dashboard for a seamless and intuitive user experience.


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  • Native WordPress Solution
  • Full A/B Testing
  • Heatmaps and Clickmaps
  • Unlimited Experiments
  • Unlimited Alternatives
  • Multigoal Tracking
  • Apply Winner with 1 click
  • Intuitive Results
  • Free Trial
  • Amazing Support
  • Continuous Updates