PeepSo is a WordPress plugin for creating a Facebook-like social network on your website. The core plugin is free with a series of add-ons that can be purchased individually or as cost-effective bundles. Users can sign up and make a profile then post updates to their stream. They can interact with other users in ways you would expect on a social network.

This is a community WordPress plugin created as an alternative to BuddyPress. Its features and add-ons include photo and video sharing, tagging of friends, privacy features (users decide who sees what), private messaging, alerts, likes, sharing and moods. The interface has a clean, professional design.

If you’re wanting to build a community website with WordPress or start a social network then give PeepSo a look. The core plugin can be used for free and add-ons can be installed to add additional features as needed.


PeepSo is the next-generation of Social Networking solution for WordPress. An application that provides Social Networking features for your web site. PeepSo allows site users to create profiles, post to their activity stream and interact with other members.

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  • Status updates
  • Create profiles
  • Post to activity streams
  • Interact with other members
  • Many other add-ons