Showcase Verified and Trusted reviews by real customers of your websites using WooCommerce and the Rebusify Confidence System with Blockchain verification built-in!

When your customers buys your product or service via WooCommerce using the Rebusify Confidence System, they have 30 days to leave a 1 through 5-Star review, along with a title and description of the product or service. Once they create that review, it is immediately ported over to where it becomes searchable. And in an industry first, Rebusify is proud to add the enhanced ability to store reviews on the Ethereum blockchain, where they become a permanent record impossible to modify.

With the Rebusify Confidence System (RCS), merchants can safely send customers to to view their company profile page displaying real reviews from actual, real and verified customers. Not some random fake reviews from unscrupulous competitors, ex-employees or someone with a grudge.

Each company that uses the RCS gets their own SEO-optimized company page where all the company details are listed, along with all their verified reviews. These will also appear on Google, when people do review searches for a company.


With Rebusify – 100% Real and 100% Trusted reviews by real customers of websites using the Rebusify Confidence System with patent pending Blockchain security built-in!


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  1. As someone that understands fake negative reviews, this plugin is very interesting plugin. Glad to see someone created this.

  2. Agreed! This helps trust between you and your customers. Thumbs up to the creators!


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