This easy-to-use plugin will optimize all types of images which are part of your website (JPG, PNG, GIF), including PDF files. Thus it will free up space, boosting your website speed and helping Google and other search engines rank your website higher.

How does ShortPixel plugin work?

Once activated, the plugin will automatically process new images and thumbnails added to your website. Optimizing your gallery is also done with the touch of a button—ShortPixel will start compressing your newest images and will run until it completes optimizing your full gallery of images.

• JPG, PNG, GIF (still and animated), PDF
• All file sizes
• Backup folder with originals
• Resolution resize
• WooCommerce compatible
• Multisite support
• WP Engine compatible
• Usage stats and optimization reports
• Assistance and support 24/7

The plugin is free to install and free to use for 100 images/month. Images with less than 5% optimization are extra, and will not be counted in the quota. If you have a large website, with many images, you might need a larger, paid plan.

MONTHLY PLANS - New quota each month, recurring payments.

Short Plan gives access to 5,000 images/month for $4.99. The quota resets each month, allowing you to have your website running at full speed.

Large plan gives access to 12,000 images/month for $9.99. This plan is recommended for image-based websites (WooCommerce, web/media agencies etc.)

ONE TIME PLANS - Pay once, use whenever you need it. The image quota can be used for optimizing several websites.

4K image credits for $4.99
10K image credits for $9.99
30K image credits for $29.99
50K image credits for $49.99

Need more? Contact us and we can always score you with a good deal! 
ShortPixel plugin has over 9,000 active installs and it is trusted by hundreds of paying customers.

Sabina Ionescu

CEO and co-founder of ShortPixel

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  • All image formats
  • PDF compression
  • One click bulk optimization
  • No file size limit
  • Backup originals
  • Image resizing
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • 24 hour support