With ultimate floating widgets plugin you can add make WordPress widgets float and fly out. You can create floating popups to the corners of the page or flyout bars and add the regular WordPress widgets to it. This allows WordPress widgets to float and popup open upon a button press.

This plugin helps in elevating the power of WordPress widgets. Instead of the putting the widgets side, a floating widget increases the interactivity with it. You can have creative popups like a twitter feed box, floating contact form, newsletter popup etc.

With a huge list of widgets to choose from, you can place any widget in a popup and make it an actionable item. This plugin supports all levels of customizabilty with all options provided to suit it for all themes, styles and taste. It is also mobile ready with the popups adapting itself to small screen devices.

Aakash Web

Aakash Web provides passionate WordPress plugins aiming to solve and enhance WordPress experience for administrators and users. It is a home to showcase the works of one person who is curious about Web and WordPress !


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  • Full customization for buttons
  • Support for multiple positions
  • Condition based placement
  • Responsive and mobile ready
  • Supports any theme
  • Automatic show/hide