VaultPress is an automated WordPress backup plugin provided by Automattic, a company founded by the co-creator of WordPress. It works by signing up for an account where backups will be stored and installing the VaultPress backup plugin. The plugin checks for changes continuously or daily, depending on your plan, and copies the latest version of your WordPress database, files and uploads to a secure server for safe-keeping.

WordPress backups are stored by VaultPress for 30 days or without limit depending on the plan chosen. You can download your WordPress backups from your account for additional safekeeping of your own. Backups can be easily restored from the backup server to your website via FTP or a secure SSH connection. Pricing starts at only $5/month for backing up a single WordPress website.

VaultPress also offers daily security scanning to check your site for hacks. Dangerous threats are automatically fixed.


Automattic, Inc. was founded by WordPress co-creator Matt Mullenweg and provides many popular WordPress-related services including, VaultPress, Akismet, Jetpack, Gravatar and WooCommerce.


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  1. That really sums up my experience with VaultPress.

    I installed the plugin and signed up for $5/mo. It made the initial backup and has been backing up Pro Plugin Directory daily since then. The $15/mo plan keeps backups “forever” while the Lite plan keeps them for 30 days. I log in and download a copy every couple weeks so I don’t really need more than 30 days. I like to keep a local copy of the backups in the rare case that both my website and VaultPress implode on the same day.

    This plugin was chosen as the favorite when I asked 21 pros what they use for backups:

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  • Daily Security Scanning
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