WooCommerce UPS Toolbox is a serious time-saver for anyone shipping products via UPS. There are plenty of UPS Shipping Rate extensions out there, but when it comes to creating your labels, the most popular solutions involve a monthly subscription or a lot of manual data entry on UPS.com or through WorldShip.

The UPS Toolbox streamlines this process by calculating the number and sizes of packages for each order, sends all of the shipping and package information to UPS and retrieves the shipping labels. The labels can be printed as pdf to accommodate label printers.

When the labels get generated, the customer is automatically emailed the tracking number(s) and there’s even a packing slip feature that summarizes the quantities of items in each package without displaying prices.

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  • UPS Shipping Method
  • Generate UPS Shipping Labels
  • Emails Tracking Number to Customer
  • Label Stock Size & DPI selection
  • Option to Specify flat rate or free shipping for Ground/Standard shipping label
  • Supported in 66 Countries