WP Pusher keeps your clients’ websites up-to-date, so you never have to copy a single file over FTP again. It installs and updates any custom plugin or theme directly from GitHub or Bitbucket. It’s your workflow on steroids.

If you use Git in your development workflow, every time you change a line of code, WP Pusher will update your clients’ website. No need to give out sensitive server credentials to any 3rd party service. WP Pusher is just a WordPress plugin. Installing a theme or plugin from a Git repository is as typing in the name of the repository’s name and clicking “install”. Updating is just a click on a button, or, if you enable auto-updates, it will happen on every commit.

WP Pusher takes advantage of the built-in auto updater in WordPress, which means that it works almost everywhere. Even on cheap shared hosting. If your server can run WordPress, it can run WP Pusher.

WP Pusher is free for open source projects (public Git repositories), but if you use private repositories, you will need a license. You can try it out yourself completely risk-free with our 30 days (no questions asked) money back guarantee.

Take the pain out of WordPress development. Push your code to GitHub where it belongs and never again deploy files over FTP on cheap shared hosting.

WP Pusher

WP Pusher is on a mission to take the pain out of WordPress development. It is pain-free deployment of WordPress themes and plugins directly from GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab.

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  • Unlimited public Git repositories
  • Install unlimited plugins & themes
  • Support for Git branches
  • Auto updates (Push-to-Deploy)
  • Install from subdirectory