WP Ticket Easy Digital Downloads Extension WordPress plugin provides state of the art integration of WP Ticket community, Pro and Enter editions with Easy Digital Downloads including EDD Software Licensing extension.

The extension supports both order product and presale questions. Shop owners can optionally turn off presale question support. Logged in customers can open new tickets (per order) and view, sort, search, search their own tickets from EDD accounts page. Shop owner can insight on product related issues by 3 charts which come out of the box:
* Tickets count by product by priority
* Tickets count by product by status
* Tickets count by product by created date last 4 weeks

WP Ticket Easy Digital Downloads Extension also allows shop owners provide support only to valid license holders through Software Licensing extension.

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  • Open, view, search and export ticket from EDD purchase history page
  • Support Software Licensing extension
  • Get insight download related tickets with 3 built in charts
  • Provide effective and efficient customer support system with advanced features
  • Support both order related and presale type customer support requests