WP Ticket WooCommerce Extension WordPress plugin integrates WP Ticket community, professional and enterprise editions as well as support ticket pro plugin with WooCommerce.

Using this extension, you can give users ability open new tickets per order and see their existing tickets from Woo My Accounts page. Users can sort, search through and export their ticket to CSV. On the WP Ticket side, tickets can be open for a specific order and one to many order products. Plugin owners also optionally enable presale ticket submissions.

In addition, WP Ticket WooCommerce Extension provides request analytics support providing 3 WooCommerce product related charts which can be displayed on a page or WP Ticket Dashboard (pro and enterprise editions only)

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We sell premium quality, WP App Studio based WordPress plugins and their designs. Unlike other WordPress plugins, our plugins can be fully modified using their design.


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  • Improve customer satisfaction by allowing effective and efficient access to support system
  • Increase customer communication and satisfaction by providing seamless integration to support system.
  • Get insight on support usage and minimize support costs
  • Provide fast and efficient customer support by integrating a best in class support system to your shop