WPtouch is a powerful and customizable plugin used by more than 100,000 websites, large and small. Well-known brands like CNN, Disney, Sony and PBS use it as well as numerous small business throughout the world.

WPtouch has been downloaded millions of times, and continues to offer the most compelling, easy-to-use solution for making your WordPress website look and work great on mobile devices. Using both responsive and adaptive mobile approaches in one elegant product, WPtouch works alongside your desktop theme to deliver great mobile experiences for your site visitors.

- Uses the same content as the rest of your website, on the same URL
- Works with a variety of other plugins out of the box
- Extensions like caching, responsive images, multiple-ad slots
- Over a half-dozen themes covering blogs, content-heavy sites, small business, WooCommerce
- Supports custom menus
- Supports custom post types
- Designed for mobile, faster than responsive themes
- License includes full-time product support


The most popular way to make your website mobile-friendly.

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  • Caching
  • Responsive Images
  • Multiple Ad Slots
  • Themes Available
  • WooCommerce Support