Charitable Ambassadors was created to help non-profits & NGOs run peer to peer fundraising campaigns on their own website.

In the absence of a solid WordPress solution for peer to peer fundraising, many non-profits send their fundraisers to 3rd party platforms, where they pay high fees and lose control over the branding and experience for their fundraisers and donors. Charitable Ambassadors changes this. It keeps the fundraising experience entirely within the organisation’s website, and there are no transaction fees (other than fees charged by the payment gateway).

The plugin is an add-on for Charitable, a free donation plugin. Once installed, it allows organisations to add a campaign submission form to the public side of their website. Their most passionate supporters can then use this form to submit their fundraising campaigns, which the organisation can check before approval.

Charitable Ambassadors can also be used for building crowdfunding platforms. The website administrator can choose to allow campaign creators to raise money for personal causes, in which they will receive the money at the end of the campaign.

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  • Simple to configure
  • $0 transaction fees
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Social fundraising
  • Crowdfunding support
  • User campaigns shortcode
  • Campaign form shortcode
  • Campaign creator widget
  • Developer-friendly