The Joy Of Text (JOT) Pro plugin uses the excellent Twilio service, to enable messaging from your WordPress dashboard.

In an age where millions of people refer to their mobile phones many times a day, communicating using SMS, MMS and voice messaging is a great way to get promote your business or organisation, all from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard!

The plugin allows you to create member groups. Visitors to your site can subscribe to the groups using a form or by sending a text message to your Twilio number. You can then send SMS, MMS, text-to-voice or audio files to the group members.

The JOT Pro plugin can send out automatic responses when members first subscribe, providing an effective way to distribute links to your site or to media.

The plugin will also receive SMS messages, enabling two-way communication with your members.

A history of all successful messages is retained. Clicking a history item, will open up a “virtual phone”, showing the history of all the messages sent-to or received-from that individual and allowing you to have a real time, SMS based conversation with that person.

The plugin integrates with WooCommerce, allowing you to copy your WooCommerce customers’ name and phone number details into a JOT group. You can then use this group to send and receive messages to/from your WooCommerce customers. An extension is also available to synchronise members with MemberMouse.

The JOT Pro plugin also includes a licence key, which enables automatic updates from the WordPress dashboard.

Other extensions to JOT Pro plugin include:
- A message scheduler, allowing messages to be scheduled for a future date and time.
- A post and comment notifier, allowing SMS notifications to be send to your members when a post or comment is added to your site.

Support for one year from the purchase date will be provided.


Providing messaging plugins for Wordpress.


  • Very Useful

    I use this plugin for my website to send users content and I have to say it really eliminated the need to hire a developer and have a custom functionality built. This plugin is an all in one package and I highly recommend it!

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    • Send and receive SMS
    • Send MMS (US and Canada only)
    • Send Audio files
    • Creation and management of subscription groups
    • Group opt-out keywords
    • Automatic responses on subscription
    • SMS routing to email or another phone
    • Multisite enabled. Message history inbox
    • Remote admin commands
    • Bulk member import
    • Automatic updates
    • Number verification by Twilio
    • Unicode character support
    • Woocommerce integration.