The Coupon Creator Pro is the easiest and number one solution for creating coupons in your WordPress site to promote all the great deals in your business.

Create a coupon by filling in the terms, deal, and expiration field, or choose to ignore the expiration in the coupon editor. Then use the shortcode to display a single coupon or a loop of coupons by any category on the page in your site.

With Pro, you get options to open the Print View in a popup window or set a counter to limit the print views of any coupon.

Other features that Pro includes are:

- Couponloop shortcode to display coupons in columns and filter using category, per page, and different orders from selections in the fitler bar
- Coupon Themes with Saw Tooth, Dotted, Stitched, Standard, and No Borders
- Shortcodes to only show the content in the shortcode view or in the print view for each coupon
- Use the visual editor to style the terms of each coupon
- Modify “Expires on:”, “Click to Open in Print View”, and “Print the Coupon” for all coupons in the Coupon Options
- Use WooCommerce Addon to create and display WooCommerce Coupons
- Set custom dimensions for the coupons in shortcode or print view
- Add custom links to any coupon view and use the coupons to promote your affiliate links
- Disable the Print View per coupon or track Coupon Print Views with Google Analytics

Along with the features mentioned above you have the option to change the look of the coupon including outside borders, background images, border radius, and more.

Jessee Productions

Jessee Productions specializes in WordPress web sites and does custom backend modifications, plugins and themes. The first commercial plugin for us is the Coupon Creator Pro, but the Coupon Creator itself is already 3 years old.


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  • Customizable Templates
  • Front End Filters and Column Display
  • 5 Different Coupon Themes
  • Print View Popup
  • Custom/Affiliate Links
  • Print View Counter
  • Shortcode view only content
  • Print View only content
  • Terms Visual Editor
  • Set default styles
  • Change style per coupon
  • Set custom coupon dimensions
  • Override coupon text
  • Track Print View with Analytics
  • WooCommerce Coupon creation and display