If you are looking for a solution to start a marketplace for your local and international sellers who will be able to sell anything they want: from shoes to Ebooks, and from fresh organic vegetables to computers; then Dokan Multivendor is the best solution for you.

It uses one of the best solutions for eCommerce stores - WooCommerce as its background engine. That means you can use any payment and shipping gateway you want. Dokan has a built in state based shipping feature. Automatic tax calculation system for US and UK are also its built in features.

The signup form for sellers is easy and feature rich with fields like store URL, terms and conditions etc. Your sellers can choose their store URL and check its availability while signing up. Best of all, each seller has their own customizable store page and can manage that from their frontend dashboard. Even the customers can switch their account to seller and start selling from their own personalized store.

As the whole design is independent and adaptive, you can use any theme you want. So there is no binding on your imagination and creativity. The plugin is completely open source and the codes are well documented. You can even add features from your theme or make a new add-on.

Every other common features of an online store is available with some extra features through add-ons like vacations or scheduled opening and closing time, coupons and subscriptions, social profile integration and verification etc.


weDevs is a plugin company from Bangladesh, building awesome WordPress solutions for your websites.


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  • Frontend based system
  • Any WooCommerce theme compatibility
  • State based shipping and override from product
  • WooCommerce payment gateway compatibility
  • Seller based commission system
  • Instant payment to sellers
  • Invoicing for sellers and customers
  • Market wide coupons and announcements
  • Personalized store page for each seller
  • Sellers manage own orders
  • SEO and social features
  • Schedule store open/close
  • Auction and wishlist support
  • Seller profile verification feature
  • Sellers provide store support.