Elementary is a simple to use Element Builder WordPress Plugin. So what can you do with Elementary?

1. Choose a Base Element:
You first start by choosing a base-element type from the many available, like the standard-card, pin-card, magazine-card, banner, etc ( more to come ).

2. Style Editor:
Then, you can style the element using our “atomic” style editor. You can select individual content areas ( like title, excerpt, image of the base-element) and change its style and view the changes live in the preview. You can also choose to switch Media ( screen-size ) and style your atoms/elements for that media.

3. Content Filter / Content Settings:
Here comes the main part, you can filter any content from your WordPress website, no matter which plugin created it. You can achieve this by using a careful set of filter / sorting options to cover most of your filtering requirements.

Some filtering options available:
1. include / exclude specific post_types or choose any post_type.
2. Filter by fields / taxonomy of the above selected post_type.
3. Include / exclude specific taxonomy and terms or choose any.

So sorting options available:
1. Sort by any / on / before-after dates.
2. Sort by post_id ascending / descending.

You can also select which field would appear in your elements by choosing from all available fields from the available from your filtering criteria. Some examples would be Title, Excerpt, Post Content, Featured Image, Attachment Images, Post_links, other links, Pricing for WooCommerce or any other ECommerce plugin’s.

4. Collections:
In Elementary, a collection just means a collection of elements presented in an unique way. Some of the collections available are Archive, Masonry and Carousel. We are constantly working on building more cool collections.

Elementary works well with almost every plugin. A excellent approach to build new Custom Post Types would be to use Advanced Custom Fields or CPT UI to build the fields and use Elementary to present the new content.

Thus, together you have a powerful set of tools to build very customised and well-designed elements and collections. Welcome to the new way to build WordPress.

Pauple Studios

Pauple Studios is your studio-in-waiting. We work to help you execute beautiful designs.

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  • 1. Choose from many Base Elements.
  • 2. Filter any custom post_type content.
  • 3. Atomic Style Editor with Media-Switch.
  • 4. Responsive Archives with pagination.
  • 5. Responsive Masonry with pagination.
  • 6. Responsive Carousel with autoplay and timer.
  • 7. Live Preview every change.