GD Press Tools Pro is a must have plugin for WordPress administration. New version 5.0 uses addons based architecture and comes with 12 built-in addons. The plugin is multisite ready with many features made with multisite in mind. Plugin core includes events log and notifications system, system information and remote storage (used by backup addon). Addons include backup, debugger, maintenance mode and many more.

GD Press Tools Pro is very useful for tracking problems on the website with Debugger addon that can log errors and warnings into events log for later review, and this includes errors happening during AJAX calls. Debugger panel shows all kinds of information related to each page loading, important information about page query and rewrite rules, analysis of SQL queries and more.


Developing premium plugins for WordPress since 2010.

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  • Events Log
  • Addons Architecture with 12 addons
  • Multisite Support
  • Backup
  • Remote Storages
  • Debugger
  • Cleanup Tools
  • 70+ Tweaks
  • Maintenance Mode
  • SMTP Tools
  • Dashboard Widgets
  • CRON Control
  • Heartbeat API Control
  • Post Duplicator
  • Local Short URL