Meta Box Include Exclude is an extension of the Meta Box plugin which allows you to show or hide meta boxes by various conditions: by post ID, page template, taxonomy, post format or a custom PHP function.

This extension extends the ability of the Meta Box plugin and adds more visibility options for meta boxes which help you to define custom meta boxes for a specific group of posts. Using the extension, you are able to show a meta box to a post under a specific category, a specific event (custom post type).

You can define multiple conditions and merge them using the conditional logic operator AND or OR. If your condition is complicated, you can write your own function.

Meta Box

Meta Box provides an all-in-one solution to create and manage custom meta boxes and custom fields in WordPress. It can be integrated with themes and plugins and extended with add-ons.

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  • Allow to show (include) or hide (exclude) meta boxes under conditions
  • Supports logical operator AND, OR
  • Support show/hide by: post IDs
  • Support show/hide by: parent IDs
  • Support show/hide by: post slugs
  • Support show/hide by: page templates
  • Support show/hide by: taxonomies
  • Support show/hide by: user roles
  • Support show/hide by: user IDs
  • Support show/hide by: custom function