Take your site design to the next level with Google’s beautiful font collection. Choose your Font Family using the simple interface, then configure the font-size, weight, color and line-height.

The plugin works with all themes and allows you to configure fonts on a granular level. For example, you can choose a font for your site logo, or even sidebar headings.

If you want even more control, use the ‘Custom Elements’ feature to build your own settings.

Once you have selected your fonts, optimize the load time using the ‘Font Loading’ panel, which allows you to uncheck font-weights you don’t need.

Use the new Gutenberg block to customize the font of a single piece of text.

Danny Cooper

Danny Cooper is a WordPress plugin developer from the UK. His work currently helps power over 40,000 websites.


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  • 870+ Fonts
  • Live Preview
  • Custom Elements
  • Optimized Font Loading
  • Works with all Themes
  • Gutenberg Block