InstaScaler Is The world’s first automated advertising platform
Introducing a new concept as the first TaaS (traffic-as-a-service) model which is built especially for startups and small and medium businesses.


Our algorithms use the power of artificial intelligence, and sophisticated machine learning algorithms, to provide you with the most relevant audience online.

InstaScaler doesn’t only provide you with any website traffic, but with laser targeted, high-quality visitors that will maximize the chances to engage with what you are offering to the max! Using data science, our algorithms analyze your website first, run your ads on hundreds of traffic sources find the most relevant audience online, and send them your way. (It’s that simple!)

Unlike other advertising services, InstaScaler doesn’t require all the hustle needed to set up and run an ad campaign, that deliver (more than) the expected results. It also doesn’t need any technical/marketing skills, all you need to do is to click a button, literally! You just need to add the website/page you want to get traffic to. Afterward, select the countries and devices you want to get the visitors from and choose a monthly plan. Then prepare yourself to see the magic in action!

Moatasem Aly

InstaScaler is the world’s first fully automated marketing solution. It uses A.I. (artificial intelligence) to automate marketing for any website, and it is a perfect tool to drive traffic for WordPress websites.

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  • No Marketing Skills Needed
  • Laser targeted traffic
  • Paypal integration
  • Stripe integration
  • Easy Dashboard
  • IOS Application
  • Android Application
  • Different packages
  • Awareness & Conversion packages
  • Chat, Email & Phone Support
  • Historical Reporting Data
  • Dedicated Marketing Advisor