ImageRecycle is an automatic image and PDF optimizer for WordPress. You have various options to optimize your content like using a cache system and minifying resources. Some are server side and the rest come from your content. This plugin is connected to the web service ImageRecycle. Register an account get API key and you can start content optimization.

WordPress Image Compression

Using Photoshop, the recommendation for the web is to save your HQ JPEG images with max. 20/30% of compression. Now with ImageRecycle image optimization algorithm, the process is quite different. ImageRecycle is detecting the current image compression ratio and, regarding that, optimize the image. The process is similar with PNG using with another algorithm. The result is that you save an average of 50% on image size. On a blog page for example it can represent 1 MB to 2 MB.

Reduce Image and PDF Size, Keep Original Quality

Once the script detect some elements that can be optimized it runs the optimization on image zone that are mostly invisible to human eye. We also eliminate non-standard elements added by some images software such as Photoshop or Gimp. This process is completely lossy and can be reverted using our backup system.


ImageRecycle is an online Image and PDF automatic optimizer. With an average of 25% of users that leave your website after 4 second of loading page, this is something crucial for your online business. And it's even more important on mobile were connection are usually slower.

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  • Automatically compress iamges and PDF
  • Compress new and existing images & PDFs
  • Automatic image resizing
  • Define an optimization quality images per media type
  • Define a min-max size to optimize
  • Optimize PNG, JPG, GIF
  • Define optimization quality per file type